“Your logo is a referent, a symbol, a reminder of your brand. But your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.”
-Seth Godin

I like to talk about graphic design and brand consulting in terms of telling and shaping stories. Accordingly, what follows is not a traditional portfolio but rather four stories of individuals, non-profits, or small businesses which used Peters L&I to tell their own stories with clarity, quality, and consistency.


You can skip ahead to look at some past designs sans context.

Story #1

A city leader looking to better connect with her community.

Maria is a community organizer who in 2016 completed a successful campaign to become a city council representative in Richfield, Minnesota. Though she set up her own website and online presence as a candidate, she wanted to find new and better ways to connect with her constituents once she took office. Weeks before launching her new city council website, Maria reached out with news that she was running to become the next mayor of Richfield and wanted me to be her campaign’s designer.

I came alongside Maria to develop a responsive design website that is beautiful to the eye and easy to use. The site allowed us to put together a brand playbook to create consistency with her logo, color palette, and typeset. Most importantly, she now has an even clearer voice with which to share some of the things she is most passionate about in Richfield. Additionally, we worked together on the promotional materials that went to resident’s front doors and introduced her at local events.

On November 6, 2018, Maria was elected the first Latina mayor in the history of the state of Minnesota. I like to think I played no small part in that history-making.

Click here to view Maria’s website.

Story #2

A wellness professional looking to expand reach through polishing her brand.

Anna experienced the power of postural alignment therapy and chose to devote her life to helping others discover similar health for themselves. She started Postural Healing several years ago, piecing together the elements of her visual identity — logo, website, promotional materials — as she went.

But something was off.

Over the course of several months, I worked with Anna to clearly identify her most valuable customer, develop a new brand promise, and (re)design all the collateral to implement that brand promise. I polished her existing logo, designed new business cards and speaker sheets, overhauled her website design and user experience (UX), and set up branded social media accounts.

The result: life — and brand — in alignment.

Check out the difference between Anna’s old and new website.

Jeremy was great to work with! I’m am very happy with the website, branding, and design pieces he helped me with.


Postural Healing, LLC

Story #3

A small church looking to do big things.

Brookwood Community Church was facing a crossroads. After 9 years of meeting in a school in Shakopee, Minnesota, it was time — either to take the next step towards a facility of their own or to radically change their course.

Brookwood enlisted me to help with a capital campaign, creating print and digital materials that could energize their community around a vision for a new facility. A logo was developed, advanced commitment materials were printed, a new website was launched, and new videos produced.

The result: in only a few short months, the materials I designed helped Brookwood Community Church to meet their lofty financial goal for advanced commitments to their capital campaign.

The church has since moved on from the original campaign, but you can view its original landing page here.

Story #4

A successful professional looking to add a fun side gig.

Aaron was looking for a change. Many years of hard work helped him build an extremely successful business as a contractor, but something was missing. All the success meant very little if he could not find purpose and excitement in what he was doing.

But rather than letting his situation drive him crazy, he proactively did something crazy: he started a new business.

His idea for a RC racetrack built into a truck that can be brought to anywhere you want it — from corporate team building to birthday parties to brewery events — was a brilliant one, but it was unique enough to need some significant collatoral to describe and promote it. Over several months, I worked with Aaron to develop a brand promise and to design all the supporting online, print, and directional assets to get his new business off the ground.

While Rally Raceway has yet to officially launch, the response to its online presence and live previews has allowed Aaron to begin building a second racing truck to keep up with demand.

Click here to view Rally Raceway’s website — and consider booking them for your next event.

Story #5

An insurance agent looking for quality and consistency.

After working for several years at a larger agency, Kim started Caveo Insurance out of a desire to provide a high quality insurance experience to high quality clients. Both her products and customer service were top-notch from the very beginning, but her brand was a bit piecemeal. One person designed her logo, another designed her business cards, and yet another designed her website. More importantly, none of these individuals taught her how to use these assets as a part of an overall Caveo Insurance brand. The result was that multiple different versions of the logo and multiple different types of maroon appeared across her promotional materials. The brand was so chaotic that one company refused to print her business cards.

When Kim came to me for a small print project in the Fall of 2017, I had two simple requests: send me your logo file and your color palette. She did not know how to get me either. What followed was a weeks-long revamping of her brand with an updated logo, a full color palette, and true visual identity now present across her brand.

What people saw on their screens and held in their hands which represent Caveo Insurance now matched the high quality products and services.

Click here to view the Caveo website.

I highly recommend Peters L&I Design. Jeremy is very talented and Knowledgeable. He has fresh and new ideas to help you and your business get noticed but more importantly people will remember your buisness. Be memorable!! Use Peters L&I.


Insurance Agent