Providing Quality and Cost-Effective Graphic Design Solutions for Small Businesses

“Just grip it and rip it!”

This is the coaching someone with limited knowledge of the game of baseball might give to a player about to step into the batter’s box. A pitcher throws the ball. A batter swings a bat as hard as possible to try to hit the ball being thrown. Surely the game of baseball must be that simple.

Of course not.

There are a bevy of techniques and sciences that go into not only swinging a bat but hitting the ball with the right section of the bat in order to maximize the placement and velocity of the hit. That section — known as the “sweet spot” — is scientifically proven to produce the best performance and cooperation between the bat and the ball.

We all have our sweet spots in life and business, those people or environments with which we work best and maximize our impact.

In 2009, I became an associate pastor at a small church in the suburbs of Minneapolis. One of my primary responsibilities on this small staff was overseeing all external communications, basically everything by which anyone not a part of our small congregation might connect with us. This included designing and updating our website, marketing social media, signage, and overall branding.

About a year into this position, I began to realize that it was quite unique for a small church to have someone on staff will the skills and expertise for branding and graphic design. Perhaps I could help churches of similar sizes and situations who recognized the need for graphic design but lacked the skill, employees, or money to do it well.

A few years of taking years of taking on small church projects led me to another realization that many small businesses are in similar situations. Many recognize the need for branding and graphic design but for whom cost, lack of expertise, and lack of dedicated employees has proven prohibitive.

Peters L&I was born from this realization, offering graphic design services at a price that small businesses can afford but at a quality that provides incalculable benefit to those businesses. I have since worked with small businesses to develop their first brand identity, helped established businesses find a new voice through rebranding, and assisted a national non-profit in taking their image seriously for the first time.

Check out a few stories of how my design work has increased the impact of individuals and small businesses, or fill out a contact form so we can set up a time to connect face-to-face to discuss your graphic design needs.